Varietes – variety in art

mike fullarton

Mike Fullarton. Painter. Graduated with BA (hons) in Fine Art - Drawing and Painting from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee, Scotland. He spent the following few years based in a local independent artists' studio, producing large scale abstract paintings for a gallery in England and showing work in a variety of group exhibitions. He travelled through Europe and Southeast Asia and then returned to Kraków where he lives.


Originally, he'd been focusing on portraiture, quite large scale but getting more abstract and looser in approach. Then came across a short article on fractals, a detailed pattern that repeats itself. The idea of organic forms and self similar patterns at increasingly smaller scales sounded like something he could incorporate into and combine with the portraits. He started developing some ideas which eventually led to the removal of the visible 'head' altogether but sometimes the idea of a 'portrait' or 'identity' remained, where a certain image could be suggested rather than fully formed or visible. So what started out as 'portraits' have now become a kind of organic landscape, made up of broken and fractured shapes, piling up acrylic surfaces and layers. Free flowing paint movement, curved or geometric versus the natural. The pixelated patterns suggesting a 'magic eye' effect, drawing the viewer in to look for a possible image despite the apparent chaotic arrangements. The shape and size of the canvas itself also forms part of the overall composition.