Varietes – variety in art

Ewa Wojcik-Konstantinovska (born 1967 Przemysl). Sculptor. 


Studies at Fine Art Academy of Cracow (Faculty of Sculpture, prof. Antoni Hajdecki, prof. Bogusz Salwinski). Post graduated studies (1992-1994 scenography, prof. Jerzy Skarzynski).

Mostly focused on sculptures and medals. Her compositions are fusion of metaphorical elements and geometry. Often works are done in cycles – which meaning is universal and easily readable for people from different parts of the world (e.g.: Zodiaca). She is fascinated by meaning of numerology and proportions. She commonly uses squares and circle and number “4” . With all these elements she wants to pay a tribute to human’s life, feelings, beauty, sorrows. 


She participated in many individual and group sculpture exhibitions, e.g. in Krakow, Przemysl, Warszawa, Kolobrzeg, Ravenna, Bonn, Karlskron, Sztokholm, Koln..