Varietes – variety in art

Robert Urbański (born 1962 Cracow). Painter, photographer.


The artist mostly dedicated to painting (geometry full of mystic symbols) and photography. 


And now Artist in his own eyes: „ I was born as everybody else – as a child of my mother and father. Unusual was the place – the table in my family house in Cracow, in the year when The Beatles started their career. I was graduated from Akademia Loretańska and that’s it, nothing more. Then I worked as an antique dealer, milkman, interiordecorator, handyman and photographic freelancer for „Elle”, „Przekrój”, „Tygodnik Powszechny”, Dom i Wnętrze” and „Sculpture” – artistic and photojournalism. During the Yugoslav Wars I was the journalist and volunteer in humanitarian aid. Photographs taken when I was there, I showed on exhibitions in Cracow and Warsaw.


Since May 2013 I started to paint mandalas – mainly on canvas but also in other techniques: collages, ready-mades or sketches. But still the cycle of acrylic on canvas is the most important. My life is a never ending journey – I’m always on my way and Mandalas – the form and the creation of them - I find as an another journey – into the very depth of me myself.