Varietes – variety in art

Przemek Wideł (born 1992 Nowy Sącz). Painter.


The idea to become an artist came to his mind in the early childhood and had never left him during the year of educations. Mostly interested in fine arts and theatre, in 2011 started studies at Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow (Department of Artistic Educations) and frequented courses by prof. Miroslaw Sikorski and later by Zbigniew Sprycha.  He is mostly dedicated to paintings, drawings and recently to spacial forms.


Selected competitions and group exhibitions:



- Exhibition of prof. Zbigniew Sprycha’s students, Public Library, Cracow

- Competitons „Dzieło 2015”, Cracow (his work was prized and exhibited)



Wybrane wystawy zbiorowe i konkursy:



- Wystawa zbiorowa studentów z pracowni prof. Zbigniewa Sprychy, Wojewódzka Biblioteka Publiczna w Krakowie

- konkurs „Dzieło 2015” – konkurs zorganizowany przez Samorząd Studencki ASP w Krakowie (praca zakwalifikowana do finałowej wystawy)