Varietes – variety in art

Mazur Justyna

Justyna Mazur. Printer.

Studies (graduated in 2011) at Pedagogical University of Cracow (Institute of Theory of Fine Arts and Artistic Education). A member of artistic group Dwie Justyny (with Justyna Slawik). Mostly focused on prints (lithography).


2014: Eichstätt (Germany), Lithography Workshop Eichstätt.
2013: Cracow, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery – Druckstein.
2012: Cracow, Jagiellonian Library – Lettra-Cracow 2012, sign & letter, International Print Triennial Sociaty in Cracow.
2012: Cracow, Śródmiejski Ośrodek Kultury -  „Puppets” (individual exhibition)
2011: Bitola (Macedonia), 7th International Triennial of Graphic Art-Bitola
2011: Saloniki (Greece), „Helios” Centre – Duet Justyn exhibition.