Varietes – variety in art

Kuznik Zofia

Zofia Kuźnik (born 1996 Rybnik). Painter, graphic and fashion designer.


When she was a child she moved out to Barcelona, where she attended artistic courses by Antonio Ayána (vice-president of Royal Artistic Group of Barcelona) and by artist Rosa Cortiella in School of Ceramics and Painting „Asimètric – Taller-escola de Ceràmica i Pintura” (2009-2011). When she came back to Poland she started studies at Fine Art Academy of Wroclaw.


Her favourite artistic medias are acrilic, colour pens – that give a chance to create a style full of intense colours and sharp lines. A very common theme of her works are portraits of extraordinary people painted in style inspired by pop-art and street art. 



„I’ve got one purpose – to connect all my favourite artistic fields – painting, graphic and fashion – together. I want to explore the world, to meet new cultures, people. To learn and create – that’s all. 


Individual exhibitions:


 - „K-pop Art Obrazy Inspirowane Południowokoreańską Estetyką XXI Wieku”, Dolnośląska Biblioteka Publiczna, Wroclaw, September 2013

- „Pop Art Mixing Cultures”, Oberża, Rybnik, December 2013