Varietes – variety in art

gerard carruthers

Gerard Carruthers. Painter.


Mostly dedicated to abstract art and collages. His works comment on the world around us – with its  bright and dark sides. Important, social problems are visible in every single detail of the compositions, which catch the spectators’ attention from the very beginning with their intense colours and form. 

Born in Dublin, lives in Cracow.




2015 - Varietes Art Gallery, Cracow

2014 - Gallery Otwarta Pracownia, Cracow 

2012 - Gallery Strefa A , Cracow

Artworks at:          

- Cafe Zoe, Cracow

- Siemacha Spot, Cracow & Odporyszow

- Lunar Logics Office, Cracow 

- Metal-Odlew Corp, Cracow